Thursday, May 22, 2008

I blubbler a lot

Well, here's the second half of my birthday. I came home from work not feeling too great, so I laid down. I was supposed to go to church for the 1st class of sign language, but I just couldn't do it. Fred had a SS teachers mtg, so he was gone. The boys were both gone, so I got the house to myself to watch my new "chick flick" movie, PS I love you. Fred got it for me. I cried through most of the movie. It was a great story. Fred came home to me all broken up. I am sure he wonders why I watch movies that do that to me.

During the movie, my brother called me. I let it go to voicemail as I was watching my movie. (had to finish watching it before Idol started)

Good thing, too. My brother had the kids sing "happy birthday" to me. I started blubbering all over again. Fred didn't know what was wrong with me. After I composed myself, I called them back and got to talk with the kids. That was very nice...

So, how did I spend my birthday? Crying... how goofy is that? Well, it was a good cry anyway.

Lion King tomorrow!!!!!

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  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! Love you guys and miss ya'll. Hope Lion King is the bomb. I've heard it is. Have a great time.