Tuesday, May 27, 2008

The Adventures of Freddy the Movie Guy

As most of you know, Freddy is working at the AMC theatres in West Shore Mall. He always has a great story of (I'm sorry, but it's true) REALLY stupid people. He came home tonight and I asked how his night was, and you could see on his face, a good one was coming! This is what he posted on his myspace:

A report to his manager:

Jeanne, Just a heads up on an incident that occurred tonight.At 8pm (right as I was about to clock off.. great) a woman attempted to enter the theater for the 7:30 Sex and the City. I informed her that no more people were being allowed into the theater as it had already started.She gave me the story that she had driven from Pinellas and spent $4 on gas. I let her know that I am sorry for the inconvience but that no one was being allowed in. She requested to speak to a manager and I informed her I was one. She then requested to speak to someone above me and I pointed out Jen which is when she requested "Someone older" so I said "Excuse me?" to which she withdrew the statement. She rephrased to ask for someone over Jen so we directed them to the event security who gave her the same information we did.She then asked Troy at concession for our (the managers) names, so I stopped her and told her if she needed information we would be glad to give it to her but not to speak to our staff. She asked me for my name and when I proceded to give it to her (while spelling my last name: Nassar) she said "As in Abdul?" so again I said "Excuse me?" to which she attempted to withdraw but I told her to leave the building as I was not about to let myself be discriminated against in my place of work. It took me threatening to call mall security before she began to walk out. I followed her to the door and made sure she left.I wanted to give you this information incase anything were to come of it and you did not know what happen.

-Freddy Nassar (not Abdul)-----------------------------------

There you have it. Middle aged white woman threw a temper tantrum because she couldn't see her girl get married to Mr. Big.... can always pay to see it on Friday.


  1. LoL!!! I can just hear Freddy's voice saying this. Way to go dude!!! You gotta fight . . . . . (ok, I can't resist) for your right . . . . to PAAAAAAARRRRRTTAY!!! MIss you guys. Keep the soccer moms on lock down.

  2. These are the same moms whose children tell me I cannot be Jman's mom cuz he I am WHITE! GO FREDDY!

  3. ....mom says "Go look at the blog. A lot of people responded.."

    3 people is not a lot of people..

  4. I am with you Abdul..