Wednesday, June 4, 2008

School's out for the Summer!!! (insert music)

Yep, today we said goodbye to all the little rugrats, er, I mean lovely children! What a year it was! There were times I didn't think I would survive, but all in all, I think I learned a lot. I guess it's like labor pains, you know you had them, but somehow you forget how it felt.

The question of the day was "what are you doing this Summer?"

Well, 1 week I am doing VBS, another week we'll be in New Orleans with the youth group doing "Habitat for Humanity". I am very much looking forward to that, except I am worried that my wimpy body won't be able to keep up...
Right after that week, Fred and I are heading to Texas. We would like to go look at land to purchase, plus we'll visit his brother and family.

The last week of June, I am planning on visiting for 3 days with Steph in Orlando. Since she is taking a Summer class and needs to work full time, there won't be many chances for her to come home. She also wants Andy to come over for a few days. I think she is homesick...
And speaking of Andy, I have planned a couple of "lunch dates" with him. Though I better not call them "dates" or he might freak out and not go with me. :)
I remember our "dates" when he was little... but that's a blog for another time.

The rest of the Summer (besides sleeping in) I am hoping to get some painting done in the house. I have wanted to add color for years, but I am so afraid to mess it up. So I figured if I take my time, it won't be too bad.
I might even do some cooking this Summer and give Fred a break... if he lets me.

So, what is everyone else doing this Summer???

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  1. Don't forget your July trip to Knoxville!!! (haha) But, you are welcome to come.

    We just got back from our Council, Dawson, Ebeling, Genzler 17 kid and 8 adult cabin trip...check out our blog tomorrow or Monday for a description of the awesome fun we had.