Friday, June 6, 2008

Girls night

I went to the Chonda Pierce concert last night with some ladies from church. Funny, they are from the class that we "used to be" in. No one from our own class wanted/could go. The ladies from our "old" class are very nice and welcoming. I am glad we have been able to sorta stay connected with that group. You can't have too many friends, right?

And speaking of friends, I was SO excited to see some of my friends from KABC. Boy, do I miss them!

This is pic is not too good, I was in the balcony and had to zoom in a lot. But there's Kelley and the girls!!
God is so good to me to bless me with such amazing women!!!


  1. Where was my invitation!?! Hope you laughed a lot!


  2. OK. I see MaryAnn Perry, Karen Prenatt, Christen's friend Reagan, Christen Prenatt, um Me, Kelsy and Brittany Prenatt.

    This day was the one year anniversary after Brittany's surgery. YEA!!!