Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Tony the pizza guy

Andy's name is actually Anthony. We nicknamed him "Andy" when he was little because I didn't want people to start calling him "Tony". That name makes me think of a mafia/pizza guy. (no offense to Tonys out there)

Well, funny how life works, Andy now works at a pizza place making pizzas. ha ha

And he does a good job, too! Steph was in town this weekend so we went and ate at Old West Pizza. Andy made ours. It was very good!

On a different note, but not really...

Andy decided to start off his Summer with a new look:

Yeah, it's a Mohawk. My first reaction was to kill him, since he did it on Saturday night. That meant he was going to church looking like that. We also had a lunch date with the minister of Education. NOT a good 1st impression. (he didn't think it was so bad)
Then I realized it's only hair, it grows back fast. And though I hate to admit it, it's growing on me... But he WILL NOT have this "doo" for his senior pics. So he better hope his appt. is not until his grows back.
I keep reminding myself that it's not as bad as what Freddy did one year during Spring Break. He shaved his whole head bald. NOT a pretty sight. And what's worse, people at church thought we had a bout of head lice and that's why he shaved. AAAHHH!!!!


  1. Nice hawk Andy!!! I love it. Always good to have a good pizza guy in the house.

  2. Valerie, YOU of all people should know that hair is not as important as heart! Your son is a good kid, so who cares about the hair! He's goodlookin' even with the mohawk! I miss him! I miss all the kids that are now so grown up :(

  3. yeah, but all know the Ebelings are weird folks... :)

  4. My brother had hair down the middle of his back when he was that age. It shows you who looks at the outside and who looks at the inside.

    The answers sometimes surprise you..........

    interestingly, kids often see inside way before adults do!

  5. Gotta say I love the hair do. He looks way handsome with it. I understand the senior picture deal though. That's not the kind of lasting legacy you want in your living room for years. LOL
    Andy is a great kid with a huge heart. He's just having fun his senior summer.

  6. Can you say flock of seagulls..I ran, I ran so far away...

  7. OK, I'm late to the party, but the Ebeling's aren't weird, it's just some of the Ebeling kids that are. Either way, I like it (but you expected that right?)