Friday, June 20, 2008

1st Brandon VBS

Well, we are done! It was fun! Someone asked me if I preferred this one over KABC. That’s hard to say as they both have good stuff. I really liked doing it during the day. It gives you more time (30 extra) mins) and you can have games outside. At 1st Brandon, the workers get “real” food and a 20 min. break while the kids are at music. And I liked the worship time, it’ 55 mins long and they get to watch the video that Lifeway always has to go with the theme. BUT, with KABC, the story is the best, the music is more child interactive (in MY opinion). So I can’t say one is better than the other, they both serve their purpose.

Ok, not to brag, because it wasn’t me, but my class was one of the best behaving kids there. We had people come to us in the halls and in worship and say our kids were so well mannered. In all, we had 18 2nd graders. Not bad for 3 adults and 2 teens. Oh, and my teen helpers were great! I told them I was going to request them next year.
So now, we do visitation on Tuesday. I already have in mind some of the kids in my group that we are going to hit up. They are the ones who said they don’t go to church anywhere. Actually, one of the boys said it was his 1st time ever being in church. Another one said it was his 2nd time, the 1st time being a wedding. Lol.


going to try and drop by KABC and take some more pics...

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  1. I really miss VBS. I wish we had a space to do it here. I LOVED the pics though! Thanks for posting the KABC ones, too. I used to look forward to it every summer!