Tuesday, June 17, 2008

To the KABC defectors

Ok, I am one of them, too. But I think we can all agree they put on a great VBS.

These are some pics of what I saw tonight when I visited.

Anna, Abbey B wans't there, but I may go back on Friday night. Either James S or Cindy S will be getting slimed depending on who wins the missions offerin. I will try to take more pics of people then.

A side note to some of the pics: the one of the "bubbler" in hallway. The butt you see in the back is of Ashley Gallops. She has really grown. Has a broken thumb right now but doing good. In the craft room, the mural had an Adam & Eve that Fred thought it was "risque". lol! I heard Jean K. was a "lab rat" in a tu tu. See, James, what you could have been! On Thursday, Brittany Prenatt is going to give her testimony about surviving brain surgery. It's going to pretty cool...

Please keep Bro. Chuck in your prayers. He is having DOUBLE knee replacement surgery tomorrow (Wednesday). I can email whoever wants to be posted on how it went.


  1. I have never seen VBS like they do it KABC Style. And yes, please email updates on Chuck!

    Kbear74 @ Aol...........

  2. FYI: pic 17 (?) is Ann Wolfe with Cole Hauschild

    Also thanks for the craft room pictures!! I am soooo missing all my KABC-ites!!!

    Continue with the pics, stories and updates.

    Here's to some of the best memories!!

    P.S. Lisa looks AWESOME!!! You go girl!! I sure do miss our children church committee "meetings"!! I am in severe need for some girl time!


  3. Wow they do a great job!!! James, you scare me! Thanks for the pictures!

  4. Great pics Val. I love the one of Fran. What a hoot. Dean still remembers fondly being the surfer dude two years ago. Kings sure knows how to put on a VBS. Keep us posted on Chuck too.

  5. I asked Evelyn about Chuck today. Erggh. Pray for him. He is in severe pain and they took him off the morphine today. Also....pray for Sharr-an. :-)

    Kudos to the kids (oh, and the leaders) for a great family nite at VBS. All the kids did wonderful on stage with their songs and choreography.

    You saw pics of Fran as professor whatever, Jean Koratsky was the lab rat in leotards, tail, mouse ears and a tu-tu, Lyle was a stranded sailor...or something, but he had on a life vest that said "Jesus Saves." 30+ kids accepted Christ. Amen. And, yes, it's time for follow-ups!!

    I may post my pics on my blog, but Val's are better! (Glad you came!!!)