Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Summer Reading

I love to read. I am taking advantage of this Summer and getting a lot of reading in. The thing is, I find myself reading till all hours of the night! haha
I just finished reading "In search of Eden" by Linda Nichols. The way I ran into her was through Nicholas Sparks' website. When asked if he could recommend only 1 book to people, he said it would be "Handyman" by Linda Nichols. So, I read it and it was really good... now I am moving through the rest of her books.

In Search of Eden is about a girl who has a baby at 15 and her mother gives it away for adoption. She doesn't even get to know the sex of the baby... that haunts her life. Through circumstances, she has a chance to start looking for her. But it's more than about the search of a baby. This book is about healing of wounds, and how God is always with us, guiding our way. It was VERY good.

Other authors I like are (of course) Nicholas Sparks, Terry Blackstock, Dee Henderson. I have read ALL of Sparks & Blackstock. Working through Dee Henderson. I would recommend these authors.

Desere Hewitt gave me a bag of books to read. They are mostly about the "pioneer" era, you know, "little house in the prairie" times. I don't really get into that, though a couple of them were pretty good. I am more into present time stories. Maybe I relate better.

I have a lot friends who are big into Karen Kingsbury. I plan on reading her stuff, but I tend to want to finish one author at a time. So as soon as I get through Linda Nichols' books, I will get started on KK. She seems to write in series and I like that. Terri Blackstock does that too...

So, what are YOU reading this Summer?


  1. I have just gotten really into Karen Kingsbury because Teresa mailed me a big box of ones she is finished with. She is VERY good. I'll be working my way through that this summer..

  2. As I posted on my blog, I absolutely love Karen Kingsbury and her Baxter family 15 book series as well as the rest of her collection. However, right now it's Donita Paul's "Dragon Keeper Chronicles" that keeps me pedaling. (Most of my reading is done at the Y on the bike.)

  3. I just finished a book by Ginger Kolbab and Christy Scannell "A Matter of Wife & Death". They also wrote "Desparate Pastors Wives". I'm getting ready to start "Doesn't She Look Natural" by Angel Hunt. It's about a Lady who moves to Mt. Dora FL to work in a funeral home. And as a devotional I'm reading Lifestories by Mark Hall the lead singer and songwrite of Casting Crowns. Each chapter tells about one of the songs he wrote and how God worked in him to create it. Really a good book.

  4. Last summer I read all the Yada Yada Prayer Group Books. Loved them. And I just got done reading a series by Gary Chapman and Catherine Palmer Titled the "Four Seasons". It's great. It's about the Four Seasons marriages go through. I highly recomend them both.

  5. I am an avid reader. Right now I am reading thru the Memory keeper's Daughter. So far I LOVE IT. :)

    Keep me posted. OH, and someone recently turned me on to Jodi Picoult. VERY GOOD.