Monday, June 23, 2008

season of weddings

This past Saturday, my "nephew' Joey got married. He's not really my nephew, more like a 2nd cousin, but since he was little, I was "aunt Valerie". He was born 6 days before Stephany, so his mom and I were pregnant together. So it was very strange to see him get married. Now, there have been several "kids" Steph & freddy's age that have gotten married, but because I've known Joey all of his life, it hit a little harder. The ceremony was nice, though VERY short. It lasted all of 15 minutes! Fred wants to get the minister's phone #. haha. I am so bummed because my camera kept taking blurry pictures. (I think due to low battery). So I don't have any good pictures.
Steph and I like to take notes of ideas for her (future) wedding. I know Fred thinks I am crazy, but I can't wait till she gets married. She is probably going to be a "bridezilla" but it will be fun anyways! We have decided Fred should cook BBQ for the reception. She wants me to be her "matron of honor", though I think it's only so she can boss me around. :) As she and I were discussing where the reception should be, Fred chimed in and said "we should be discussing the bugdet for this". Aaawww, budget, smudget! :b

Well, here is the only picture that I could salvage from the wedding. It's Andrew getting stepped on by his "graceful" dance partner!

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