Monday, June 16, 2008

It's VBS time!

Well, today was my 1st day at VBS at 1st Brandon. I have been a wreck the last few days trying to prepare. I am in a class of 2nd graders. This church does it a little different than KABC. The day starts out in a room for every grade level. They spend 1 hour in there with a "sunday school" like atmosphere. There is the story, then some activities to reinforce it. My struggle is that I am not really the "teacher" type. I am more of an administrator, you know? So I was stressing about telling the story well, making the hour run smoothly from one activity to another, not running out of time/having too much time... aaahhh!!!!
Well, it went ok. (like Fred said, what can 2nd graders do to me!) I think the story went fine, didn't get to do 1 activity cuz we got a late start as we were getting name tags to the new registered kids. But that's ok.
After that 1st hour, we went into the sanctuary for some music, skit, missions video. Then it's off to games & snacks. The games is sorta a "free for all". A lot of classes outside with different options of playing. A little too open for my taste. I am going to have a game for our class to do tomorrow instead. Snack was a juice box and oreos... Then, when the kids go to music, the leaders get to go to the dining hall and eat. NOT oreo cookies (though they had some if you wanted)... they had sandwiches, chips, pastries, and even little meatballs! Oh, and sweet tea!!
I have to say, that was my favorite part! (jk)
After music, I barely had the kids back in the room before parents started showing up. The day flew! It was fun. I think I can be a little more relaxed the rest of the week.
My assigned co-worker canceled because of a sick child, so I recruited Debbie Hofrichter to help me. She knew I wouldn't let her NOT help...

I stopped by KABC on my way home. They are having their VBS this week too. Their theme is a "Science Lab". As always, it looked great! I am hoping to go by tomorrow night and watch a little.
As happy as I am at our new church, I still miss the goings ons of KABC. I miss the late nights with Sharran working on VBS... well, my body doesn't but my soul does. :)

I volunteered to help at a day camp next week at church. What was I thinking??? I am busy this week, in 2 weeks I am going to Orlando to spend time with Nina, and 2 weeks in July we'll be gone on a mission trip/vacation. I have given away my summer! I was really hoping to get some walls painting in my house. I have to somehow get out of next week. :(

So, how is everybody's Summer going??


  1. Yeah well at least you have a place to have a VBS! Try being portable! I really don't want to do a VBS but more of a day camp with our kids and whoever they will invite. I wonder how many of the kids that go to VBS are actually not church kids? If and when we do one, I want it focused on the unchurched not VBS hoppers. I know we had a little of that going on before and have already seen it up here a little. I don't know, have you ever seen any stats on the number of church vs unchurched VBS attenders?

    P.S. I really miss my cardboard sheet guy!!! I need one up here!!!

  2. I know what you mean about the "hoppers". A day camp with the vbs theme would work great... you could have it at different members yards so you could hit up diferent groups of kids. Cindy Snapp called me again this year and asked "where is that cardboard place?". KABC is a faithful customer every Summer!

  3. Try and get some pics if you go tonight...especially of the craft area! I am having withdrawals!! Maybe have Abbey and some more of M's friends (and J's too!!) in them. I would love that and be eternally grateful!