Tuesday, May 6, 2008

46 years ago today

Frederick Nassar was born!!

I, for one, am VERY glad of that!

He has become a wonderful man of God since that day, not without a few bumps & scrapes, I am sure!
I have known him since I was 16 years old. He loves God, his children,whom he prays for every day. He takes very good care of his "better half". He is a wonderful teacher of the Bible, will share with you what "Experiencing God" has to offer if you give him just a few minutes of your time.
Fred prepares for the future of our family, while at the same time is looking at what God is doing RIGHT now and how we can take part. He has a passion for Amateur Radio (you might say his 1st love), loves to cook (specifically BBQ), likes to fish, and enjoys taking trips (with me!) to hit food festivals.

He loves his children VERY much and prays for them DAILY.
I pray God will give him MANY more years of health and happiness!!

Happy Birthday Honey!!!


  1. Happy Birthday Mr. Fred. A full rack of ribs is the best way to celebrate a birthday. Hopefully get to see you soon.

  2. is that really his baby picture.. he looks so funny.. but cute! haha happy birthday!

  3. Happy Birthday FRED!
    Hope your day is extra special.
    The LaFollette's