Saturday, May 24, 2008

Lion King

It was AWESOME!!!

Fred and I had a great time. The seats (thanks Freddy!) were pretty good. I was like a little kid when the show began and all the "animals" came down the aisles. I kept pointing and going "look!" "oooh!" You almost forgot they were people with costumes/puppets. There were a few scenes where there was so much going on, I know if I went again, I would see something new. I wish we could have taken pics inside.

The only thing is the evening showed how Fred and I are getting old. The program was from 8pm-11-pm. Before the end of the first part, I was yawning and thinking of bed. ha ha.

I would see this again in a heart beat!! I wouldn't mind going to see other plays. There is just something so unique at seeing a live performance. I need to see what else is coming...


  1. I'm so glad you enjoyed the show. It was amazing and the way they controlled the puppets yet moved themselves was just awesome.

  2. I got tickets for my mom for mother's day/her birthday since I was in Africa for both. She said it was great!! I wouldnt mind seeing it myself