Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Went fishing

And caught a sunburn!

(note that all but the forehead got sun so I look dorky)

I didn't think I was getting all that much sun, since the breeze kept things a little cool, and it was overcast most of the time. My feet always get burned and I THOUGHT I was being careful to keep them shaded. Didn't work, so now I am going to break into a rash on the top of my feet (TMI?).
Now I have this goofy tan line going. We are planning on going to the beach Friday so I have to figure out how to even it out...
As far as the fishing goes, I have some neat pics but they are stored in the camera's memory because the memory card wasn't in it. I need the USB cord, which I can't find at the moment... so you will have to wait for my recap of our fishing expedition. (I know, you can't wait!)


  1. For pics of the Grand Prix, Cindy and Christina Worley are yourbest bets. I didn't have a camera.

  2. I love those tan lines. I am sure you know all the "cures" I will have to wait for my sun burns until summer here........ :)

  3. ooh very attractive mom!!

  4. Poor Valerie! You look so pitiful. I hope you feel better real soon!